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As with the Mobile App Stores, your Shopify App Store Listing is fundamental to the overall success of your campaign(s). It’s key to leveraging existing Shopify App Store marketplace traffic and customers, and key to increasing conversion rates from traffic sent to the app from outside the Shopify App Store. Request a free 30-min Shopify App Strategy Call with an SAM strategist today.

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App Store Optimisation

Scale Shopify app user acquisition & optimise ROAS

Here are just some of the things we implement to increase your Shopify App user acquisition and optimise return on ad spend

Advanced SAM Strategy

App Media develops your Shopify App Marketing strategy for maximum impact and scalability, across multiple languages and stores.

Drive meaningful KPI’s

We help you identify the right KPIs to track and set up meaningful reporting around Shopify App Marketing

LTV Optimisation

We help you keep on top of Shopify’s App Store search engine mechanics and optimise intelligently towards attracting higher life-time-value users.

Targeted Acquisition Campaigns

By implementing targeted acquisition campaigns, we increase your app usage and sign-up volumes to outrank your competition.

Analytics & Reporting

With regular transparent reporting, we help you assess the impact SAM has towards driving key business metrics and revenue.

Promotional Video Production

We produce high quality promotional videos to not only increase app conversions but your chances of being featured by Shopify!

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Other Services We Offer

Pre Launch Planning

Pre-Launch Planning

Get expert advice and genuine feedback from Jarrah and his team who’ve seen the trials and errors of the app marketing world. We save you time and money by helping you avoid common developer mistakes, providing proven user acquisition strategy and formulating an App Launch Plan that will maximise your ROI.

Launch Execution

Launch Campaign Execution

Using our experience, we execute the essential pre-launch and launch activities required to scale user acquisition during the early stages of releasing your App to market, all the while ensuring we set you up for long term success. Our Launch Campaigns are also for those looking to push their app into the App Store Top Charts.

Post Launch Management

Post Launch Management

If you already have thousands of users and a good organic user acquisition rate, but you’re looking to boost your App back up into the top charts, or you’re simply wanting to build brand awareness and keep user acquisition volumes high by driving large volumes of traffic over a short period of time, then these services are for you.

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It all starts with optimising your Shopify App Store Listing.

Just like with the Apple App Store & Google Play Store, your Shopify App Store Listing is fundamental to the overall success of your campaign(s). It’s key to leveraging existing Shopify App Store marketplace traffic and customers, plus key to increasing conversion rates from traffic sent to the app from outside the App Store.

The following are just some of the things we do as part of your App Store Listing setup and initial optimisation in prep for submission (or re-submission) to the Shopify Review team and your app launch campaign:

✓ Keyword and competitor research
✓ Keyword analysis to determine the optimal positioning of the app inside the Shopify App Store
✓ Description copywriting and keyword optimisation
✓ App Name and Tagline optimisation
✓ Category positioning/selection
✓ Search terms analysis, selection and optimisation
✓ “Key benefits” asset creation, images and copy
✓  Media Gallery / Screenshot designs including headline copy to further explain and sell your app’s key features/benefits (produced for both Desktop and Mobile)
✓ Everything produced in compliance with Shopify’s App Store Requirements (
✓ Pricing table copy optimisation
✓ Assisting with adding Merchant install requirements to minimise negative reviews
✓ Assisting with Sales channel requirements specifications (if required)
✓ Assisting with Geography requirements specifications (if required)
✓ App Icon design (or design optimisation) to ensure your app really stands out

Step 2: We Produce a Professional Promotional Video for your Shopify App Store Listing

Typically, we recommend including a Promotional Video in your App Store Listing, not only to help sell the app to merchants and how they can leverage it in their business, but also to increase your chances of being featured by Shopify as they prefer apps with complete and professional app store listings.

This promotional video us primarily created to promote your core app features/functionality, how it interacts with Shopify and how it helps them grow their e-commerce business.

Step 3: We Launch Targeted App User Acquisition Campaigns

Like the Apple App Store, we know that if your app gets a significant amount of outside traffic and a spike in usage, then your app can be listed in the Trending apps section on the Shopify App Store’s homepage and increase rank for target keywords.

They key is to increase install/sign-up volumes faster than the competition at any given time.

For this reason, and as a means to really kick-start usage of the app, we highly recommend running targeted acquisition campaigns utilising our tried and tested Shopify App Marketing ad campaigns strategies.

Other items we help you with include:

Merchant onboarding and workflows:

We assist you with your app on boarding, specifically in-app instructions, email onboarding and/or set-up wizards that teach merchants how to use the app properly.

Onboarding users is an important component to successful app marketing and certainly something to consider. We have tons of experience in producing effective user on-boarding campaigns for apps of all kinds.

Utilising Webinars (i.e. setting up a Webinar Funnel):

We can assist with producing a Webinar funnel if you’re inclined to providing live webinars and/or a recorded webinar. Promoting a webinar can better help prospective merchants understand how they can leverage the app in their store, or ask any questions they might have about your app, all of which helps facilitate sales.

Broader strategy/ideas:

There’s certainly a lot more we could discuss as we get deeper into your Shopify App Marketing, but the above is essentially what we focus on initially until you’ve got significant traction.

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