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App Media’s Pre-Launch App Consultation and Marketing Preparedness Service helps you get your App ready for launch and user acquisition. Jarrah and his team will help you align all stakeholders with a clear and defined Launch Strategy tailored to your product. He will complete a full audit of your App from a sales and marketing perspective and help define the specific strategies, budget and tactics needed to drive user acquisition and overtake the competition in the early stages of releasing your app to market.

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Here are just some of the things we do to prepare your mobile app, web app or SaaS product for launch.

Product Review

We analyse your application, business plan, goals, revenue model and marketing budgets, then provide very specific guidance that will help you prepare your app for launch and maximise your return on marketing dollar investment.

App Usability Testing

We play devils advocate by investing the time to test the product from a new user perspective, highlight any key UI/UX issues that we know will inhibit the ability to scale user acquisition and provide recommendations where required.

App Launch Planning

We formulate a tailored step-by-step Launch Plan based on our experience of launching hundreds of apps. Here we outline our tried and tested App launch strategies and tactics that we believe will have the highest probability of success for your product.


We strategise, write and configure some essential, yet powerful, user on-boarding sequences that will dramatically decrease user attrition, increase user engagement, encourage user feedback and ultimately drive more sales, shares and referrals.

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Due to the specialised nature of what we do, Jarrah and his team can only work with a select group of clients at any given time. This means you will need to complete a confidential application to start the process of working with Jarrah and his team. Jarrah will personally review your application and follow up with you.

Other Services We Offer

App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation

Utilising our extensive experience from ranking countless apps at the top of the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores, we execute everything required to not only improve your App Store Rankings, but to dramatically increase your conversion numbers from both the App Store traffic and external direct advertising.

Launch Execution

Launch Campaign Execution

Using our experience, we execute the essential pre-launch and launch activities required to scale user acquisition during the early stages of releasing your App to market, all the while ensuring we set you up for long term success. Our Launch Campaigns are also for those looking to push their app into the App Store Top Charts.

Post Launch Management

Post Launch Management

If you already have thousands of users and a good organic user acquisition rate, but you’re looking to boost your App back up into the top charts, or you’re simply wanting to keep user acquisition volumes high by increasing traffic and improving ROI over time, then these services are for you.

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