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Our App Marketing Process

How we take you from a new client through to identifying and developing tailored marketing strategy, acquiring targeted users and optimising ROI.

Step 1

Apply and start the process

Jarrah and his team can only work with a very select group of clients at any given time. This means you will need to complete a confidential application below and hit the ``Please Review My Application`` button. Jarrah will personally review your application and follow up with you.

Step 2

We review your app and business model

We complete a full audit of your App from a sales and marketing perspective and formulate a tailored step-by-step Launch Plan utilising our tried and tested product launch strategies and tactics.

Step 3

We break down your target audience segments and market positioning

We get into the nitty gritty details of defining your optimal target audience, locating where they are currently engaged online, what products and services they’re currently attracted to, plus we identify and refine your unique market positioning, key messaging and value proposition.

Step 4

We produce all required campaign assets

With the above information at hand, we can now tap into the psychology of your market and produce the campaign assets and strategies needed to cut through the noise, attract your most ideal target users and maximise sales.

Step 5

We execute tried and tested user acquisition strategy

Now it’s time to kick-off your User Acquisition Campaigns. Through this process we conduct aggressive A/B testing and other experiments to determine the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA) rates across the target networks and continuously measure, iterate and improve ROI.

Step 6

We monitor, report and optimise everything

Utilising the latest industry standards and our own proprietary tracking tools, we continuously measure, iterate and improve all campaigns to ensure we’re driving sustainable user acquisition, but more importantly, attracting higher and higher life time value users.

Ready to get started?

Due to the specialised nature of what we do, Jarrah and his team can only work with a select group of clients at any given time. This means you will need to complete a confidential application to start the process of working with Jarrah and his team. Jarrah will personally review your application and follow up with you.

Solutions for all your user acquisition needs

Pre Launch Planning

Pre-Launch Planning

Get expert advice and genuine feedback from Jarrah and his team who’ve seen the trials and errors of the app marketing world. We save you time and money by helping you avoid common developer mistakes, providing proven user acquisition strategy and formulating an App Launch Plan that will maximise your ROI.

Launch Execution

Launch Campaign Execution

Using our experience, we execute the essential pre-launch and launch activities required to scale user acquisition during the early stages of releasing your App to market, all the while ensuring we set you up for long term success. Our Launch Campaigns are also for those looking to push their app into the App Store Top Charts.

Post Launch Management

Post Launch Management

If you already have thousands of users and a good organic user acquisition rate, but you’re looking to boost your App back up into the top charts, or you’re simply wanting to build brand awareness and keep user acquisition volumes high by driving large volumes of traffic over a short period of time, then these services are for you.

Lets get started! Start your application process.