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Niche Publishers, Bloggers & Magazines

Smart publishers understand the power and importance of mobile marketing for their bottom line. They use mobile apps to connect with readers, leverage social networks, and boost their revenue. Whether they deliver paid subscription based apps, or publish freely available content, they know that having a mobile app is one of the most effective ways to reach their customers on the go, drive additional revenue, and secure their market share.

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Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

AppMedia mobile solutions are ideal for restaurant, bar and cafe owners. Whether you are a Michelin star fine dining establishment or the best pizza place in town, we'll help you get up and running with an effective mobile app strategy to engage your clientele. Whether it's to take orders and reservations, or establish a customer loyalty program, we have strategies, big or small, to meet your needs.

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Small Businesses, Boutiques & Retail

With more than 10 million Aussie consumers using smartphones and mobile retail being one of the fastest-growing sectors, smart devices are quickly opening up new revenue channels for retailers. However, while most retailers understand the importance of mobile and have started investigating in ways to engage their customers, many are not using the medium to its full potential. Let AppMedia show you the way.

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Events, Festivals & Entertainment

From event registration to post-event meet ups, your attendees will never be out of the loop. You choose the location, we'll lead them there. With AppMedia's app strategies, you'll discover new ways to get bums on seats, increase networking and interaction, manage workshops, and leverage audiences all from a well thought out mobile app strategy.

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Guides, Deals & Location Based Apps

Looking to provide a local guide, deals or coupon based app? We have you covered. With AppMedia you can build highly customisable, location centered Apps for just about anything you can think of, including; daily deals, discounts, shopping guides, tourism, sightseeing or even a local classifieds app.

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Educators & Training Organisations

Engage your trainees wherever they're located! Communicate via live feeds, knowledge portals and provide paid custom training modules all within your very own mobile or iPad Application. With more than 1 billion consumers worldwide using smartphones and mobile learning being one of the fastest-growing sectors in mobile, smart devices have opened up significant opportunities for educators. Let AppMedia show you the way.

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Musicians, Bands & Radio Stations

Keep your fans connected to the music they love 24/7! If you're a band, kick off your next tour with a mobile app tailored to promote your music. Play your latest tracks, engage your fans, and sell your music direct from your own mobile application. If you're a radio station, why not extend your listening range by providing station access via live-streaming to your listeners on the go, accessible 24 hours 7 days a week in the palm of your listeners' hands. Broadcasting has never been easier!

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Custom Apps, Startups & Entrepreneurs

Mobile is central to everything. It has completely transformed workflow, and not just at the consumer level. This means opportunity abounds for savvy startups and entrepreneurs with solid app ideas. However, failing to construct a well thought out mobile app growth and development strategy is the #1 reason most app entrepreneurs fail to make one single dollar from their app idea. Let AppMedia provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the app business game.

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Mobile-App-DevelopmentFrom: Jarrah Robertson
Director, Smart Media Innovations Pty Ltd
(02) 8007 5766, Sydney Australia


Your Business Needs a Mobile App,
What Next?


With over 1,500,000+ apps now being hosted in the App stores, the days of simply tossing a mobile app out into the marketplace with the hope of engaging customers and generating sales are in decline. Today, you need an effective mobile app strategy that attracts the downloads and sales necessary to make your app a success.


Ideally, you will need to partner with a proven mobile app company to develop a solid mobile app plan and mobile sales strategy.


Mobile-Apps-CompanyBecause at the end of the day this is what will truly determine whether or not your mobile app will become a useful sales and marketing tool, or simply fall by the wayside as just another boring business app failing to engage it’s customers and generate sales.


AppMedia has been watching and studying mobile marketing techniques that ensure app success since the beginning of Apple’s app store. We’ve seen a lot of apps (and many bad ones, too), so we understand what’s required to effectively take your business mobile.


If you’re ready to implement an effective mobile app strategy… it’s easy to do.


The first step is to request a custom app plan. Once we’ve identified key areas in your business that can be leveraged through a mobile app, we can accurately advise you on how to best approach your mobile app strategy. Including the implementation of a mobile web app, an iPhone App, Android App and/or an iPad application. iphone-mobile-app-developersWe can also provide an effective mobile app marketing plan and suggest suitable mobile revenue models.

To get started, simply click here to begin the process of developing your Mobile App Strategy. Or, if you have questions and you would just like to talk to someone before you get started, I’m happy to talk to you and take you through the first couple of steps. You can call me on (02) 8007 5766. We’re in Sydney, Australia. You can also e-mail us at

If you’re ready to implement an effective Mobile App Strategy…it’s easy to do.

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