Why Create a Mobile Application for Your Business or Brand?


Have you ever thought of creating a mobile application for your business or brand? Jarrah Robertson, who owns a mobile web and app design agency, says more and more companies are gearing towards mobile sites, apps and SMS with particular focus on iPhones. He also touched up on the advantage of having an app for a business or brand. It can give a better experience for users than mobile sites. That’s what mobile apps can do for consumers but what can it do for businessmen

Generous Revenues

A mobile application can help you get more sales. Yes, developing an app is a costly process but many businessmen were rewarded in the form of more sales. One of the ways to encourage sales through a mobile app is by offering rewards in the application. The apps can be used to offer special deals like discounts or freebies to app users when they buy something.

Brand Awareness

Sometimes, the benefit of mobile app development is not directed towards sales. There are times you have to take the long road. You can use apps for brand awareness and do something else to market and make the users buy something from you.

However, an app is not just published and left alone to inform people about your business or brand. Matt Mickiewicz of 99Designs, which offers logo and web design services, warns that paying a mobile app developer is not the only cost involved because businesses also need to market the app for it to be downloaded. Of course, experts reiterate that the app must have significance to the people (i.e. solve a problem, inform, or entertain them).

New Markets

An application could also help you get attention. Some businessmen tend to focus so much on their target market that they forget some people who might be interested as well. When you have an app, you can check who downloads it and what group, social class or age group they are in. You can do your research whether or not they can be a potential target. For instance, a person who owns a business selling costumes for kids may find that many teenagers and adults even like to dress up as their own favorite cartoon character, superhero or movie personality.

Moreover, how the apps are made may restrict your reach. For example, the iPhone apps allow you to reach people who use, well, iPhones. If you want to include Blackberry and Android users, it means a new process and additional cost because need the app developer to make a new app. It may be the same idea but it has to be coded for the Blackberry and Android devices.


Of course, these are just some of the reasons why you should have a mobile application for your business and brand. The ultimate reason is when you look at the estimated ROI. It is estimated that there are more than 9.6 million users of smart devices such as the iPad and iPhone in Australia. Investing in an iPhone app can help you reach nearly 50% of the population. Typically however ROI cannot be determined without considerable tracking tools as it depends on many factors including how many times a user would convert to a paying customer.