Mobile Applications and The Future of Events and Conferences


In 2013, more web views will take place on a mobile device than a PC, yet only a small percentage of events and conferences deploy mobile applications as part of the experience. Particularly as more and more mobile event technology providers make the move into the mobile realm, it’s now easier than ever to adopt mobile social networking, calendars and more into your event.

Here are three positive changes that we foresee how the event industry can move into the world of mobile:

  • Mobile is not a cool toy. It’s a critical extension of the event experience: Until now, mobile has been something that progressive event organizers do to impress their attendees. But, as attendees rely more on mobile devices to manage their lives, those same people are demanding access to every stage of the event experience through their mobile devices – from deciding which events to attend, to registration, to finding and connecting with people and content. Mobile is proving to be more than a technology – it is now a natural extension of all aspects of your live experiences and a required technology for nearly every event, conference or meeting.
  • Events can be measured like the web: For years, planners have struggled to measure activity at their events. On the web, marketers have been empowered to track every movement, every action and every interaction, but events remained a black hole. Now, as mobile becomes a persistent platform for engagement throughout the event lifecycle, planners can measure and evaluate the actions of those attendees to finally measure engagement and demonstrate value to their organizations.
  • Integration is the new black: There are two reasons planners cite when justifying their decision not to adopt mobile – Price and lack of value for both users and planners. Until now, most mobile apps were custom-built, and developed by organizations that relied on revenue from those applications to drive success. Not anymore. With the integration of applications into core event management processes and technologies, planners will now have better access to mobile event data that is tied to every major element of their event. In turn, planners will be rewarded with a better user experience while attendees will no longer have to re-enter information or re-learn technologies when jumping from the web to their mobile devices.

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