Mobile Application Development Costs


A mobile app can help you reach new markets, encourage sales or push brand awareness. Learning about this, you suddenly want to call a mobile app developer. Stop. Developing an app for mobile devices is not that simple. Of course you need an idea. What type of app? Plus, you have to consider how much developing an app would cost. Is it really a good investment?

Consider the Cost

Clearly, apps have their advantages and could certainly be of considerable help to businesses. But is the cost worth the returns? In fact, Jarrah Robertson, who founded a mobile design agency, noticed that the cost is often left out in discussions and without real consideration to return on investment (ROI).

Basic Cost

A basic but fully customized mobile application would typically cost from $5,000 to $10,000. You may even need to spend upwards of $15,000 to $150,000 for a more complex business app, because the process is a lot more complex than many realise. But these figures are just for creating an app for a single platform.

What Platforms

There are many platforms some of which are iPhone, iPad, Blackberry phones and Android phones. Do you want your app to be available for all the users of these devices? Note that each platform requires different configuration. An app designed for the iPhones cannot be published right away on the Google Play Store for Android phones. There must be some modifications if not starting from scratch. Plus, the rates for app development for all the platforms will be different as apposed to deployment on a single platform. A Blackberry app and an iPhone app do not cost the same.

App Development Program

Aside from mobile app developers, there are web-based and downloadable programs that can help you create a mobile app cheaper – from $50 to $500/month. The only downside is that these programs leave you on your own. That’s why they are a cheaper option. It is only a good option if you have the time to figure out the platform in use and know how to maximse its features.

Hire an App Developer

Those who want a customized app but do not like the hard work can hire an experienced app developer such as AppMedia to get the job for you from start to finish. Or, you can source a developer to work on your project on an hourly basis, and this will typically cost (on average) $100+ per hour for an Australian based developer.

Marketing Apps

The process does not usually end when the app has been published and ready for downloading. You will also need to market your app to get it into the hands of your ideal users. While this may not be included in the cost of the entire development, it is a cost that should be considered because most apps typically need some form of marketing to get the results you’re looking for.