Cost of Mobile App Development – How much does it cost to develop iphone apps?


Apps are all the rage these days, and it is no wonder. Smartphone adoption is growing all the time; it is one area where there is no end in sight. And the same can be said for not only the devices themselves, but the network of hardware and software which supports them.

This includes mobile apps, now being made for every type of smartphone device on the market.

So, the question is – how much does it cost to build a good iphone or android app? The answer is a little more complicated, but ranging from the semi-pro to an all-out game app, costs are anywhere between $500 to $1000 on the lower end (very low, actually) to $250,000-$500,000 on the upper end; this would include quality game apps as they are among the most expensive programs to build.

The average business app however will fall somewhere between $4,000 to $10,000.

First, though, you will need to ask yourself some questions – what exactly do you want your app to do? And what makes a good app?

There are several factors that when combined will determine the final cost of an app. A ‘basic table‘ functionality is the easiest to develop. A good example of this is the email program in the iPhone. This app is ideal for simple, menu driven applications.

Database pools are the next broad spectrum, and require a good bit more expertise to think through and develop.

Internal apps (sometimes called enhancement or modification apps) improve the functionality of whatever device you have or a program within that device.

Fully dynamic apps are almost like webpages. They deliver specific information. Radio shows as well as content websites like the Weather Channel use these.

Utility apps can be easily customized into inventory control or any other type of data set entry.

There are better and better programs for writing your own mobile apps, though, which can save you big money when it comes to developing an app for your business. Programmers have been working to put more power directly into the hands of semi-skilled, tech savvy consumers.

These programs typically are very limited compared to what a skilled team of software and engineer professionals can deliver.

Another option are ‘combination companies‘ that take care of all aspects of running the app. All a developer will do is make the app for you; actually getting it out there and maintaining it are a completely different story, and one with a full set of its own costs. A turnkey operation can replace a whole IT team.

Companies like AppMedia are a great way to not just design the app, but handle every aspect of it. This can also cut down on your long term maintenance costs with automatic upgrades, multi-platform programming, platform maintenance and more.

A turnkey app development company like AppMedia can be the answer; when you hire a turnkey firm you are getting the entire tech staff, the support staff and the facilities to manipulate and update the app as your needs and expectations grow.

The first step to any app however is this simple question: what will make my customers happier with my service? Or if you’re not a business, what will make my life easier? Answer either of those two questions, and follow the answers to what may be the next great app.