If you already have thousands of installs and a good organic install rate, but you’re looking to boost your App back up into the charts, or you’re simply wanting to keep your user acquisition volumes high by driving a significant number of targeted installs over a short period of time, then this campaign package is for you.

App Media has access to most of the available mobile inventory and is able to use multiple mobile ad networks as well as leverage our direct relationships with publishers and partners to ensure we acquire users at low CPI (cost per install) rates but high LTV (lifetime value).

App Booster campaigns are best used in combination with other PR or marketing events throughout the year, or used every once in a while to maintain high user volumes and engagement.


App Installs ad campaign run on 1-2 mobile ad networks including all copywriting and asset creation

Advanced user targeting using the latest industry tools to drive sustainable user acquisition

Dedicated campaign manager plus comprehensive post campaign analysis and reporting

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