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How Niche Publishers Can Leverage Apps to Generate Additional Revenue

How Niche Publishers Can Leverage Apps to Generate Additional Revenue

iPad-Magazine-Mobile-App-PublishingSmart publishers understand the power and importance of mobile marketing to their bottom line. They use mobile apps to connect with readers, leverage social networks, and boost their revenue. Whether they deliver paid subscription based apps, or publish freely available content, they know that having a mobile app is one of the most effective ways to reach their customers on the go, drive additional revenue, and secure market share.

However, although most publishers understand the importance of mobile and have started investigating ways to better engage their subscribers, many have not used the medium to its full potential.

Here are three specific ways publishers can create additional revenue in this brave new mobile publishing world:

1. Deliver a better customer experience

Mobile apps hold vast amounts of real-time data about customer behaviour. With mobile app analytics, publishers can access this information thereby giving them the ability to know and understand their subscribers better than ever, while creating the means to deliver a customised experience.

To do this, publishers need to start thinking about ways to provide customised and timely content. Content can be timed to best meet a subscribers schedule and can be tailored to the user. For example, are your users more interested in a particular topic (or segment) of your niche or do they subscribe to content specific to their location? By tailoring content delivery to subscribers and engaging them with relevant topics, publishers can become much more effective, increase subscriber engagement, and offer better value for advertisers.

If you’re a large publisher that focuses on many topics within a particular sector or region, it might be a good idea to create an overarching super app that encompasses all these topics and segments. This will allow you to gather critical data about your user’s interests and behaviour, then, with this information, you can segment your audience accordingly by pushing users to individualised, more targeted, mobile applications that focus on key niche sectors of your publishing machine.

This will allow you to narrow your focus even further and provide the most customised content possible for your audiences. The result? Engagement levels soar and the opportunity for increased revenue generation increases significantly.

3. Create paid in-app subscription based apps

Rather than charging users a one-time fee to download your app, why not present the app as free to download, then give them the option to subscribe on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis once inside the app?

With the technologies and integrations available, it’s now easier than ever to present exclusive content inside a professional subscription based mobile app.

By doing so, you open up the opportunity to leverage your premium content and increase revenues by allowing customers to consume your materials anytime, anywhere, at a small monthly fee.

Here’s how this would work…

Users would simply download your app (for free), then once installed, the user can opt to subscribe to your mobile app (from inside your app) at the touch of a button.

Once the user has subscribed (i.e. monthly, yearly, or however you would like to charge), they are then allowed to access your content, allowing for automatic monthly or yearly revenue generation.

This model works well because you aren’t asking for the user to pay to download the app initially or present a credit card, instead, all transactions are processed through Apple (or Google Play), while revenues are deposited direct into your bank account.

3. Use smarter push messaging

With the penetration of smartphones, publishers need to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with subscribers anytime, anywhere, and to notify them of timely featured content and news.

Using push notifications, publishers can use targeted messaging to drive subscribers to specific events, featured articles or even 3rd party promotions. In fact, now, with segmentation and localisation features, publishers can specifically message customers based on location, demographics, in-app activity and other criteria, with the goal of offering customised and timely content to the user when they need it.

When used effectively, customised push notifications are a powerful marketing tool that promotes increased engagement and provides publishers (online and off) with a strategic means to drive revenue.

If you are interested to learn more about how you can implement the above strategies in your business, contact us for an initial no hassles consultation +61(2) 9439 6398 (Sydney, Australia).

We have successfully created these mobile publishing models (and more) for Magazines, Bloggers and publishers of all kinds – allowing you to leverage what you are currently doing to drive additional revenue.

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