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3 Mobile App Trends Businesses Can’t Ignore (2013)

3 Mobile App Trends Businesses Can’t Ignore (2013)

mobile app trendsNo.1. Mobile Coupons will go mainstream

Mobile coupons have seen wide-spread adoption to date, however their use in mobile devices is expected to skyrocket in 2013 with the advent of geo-targeting and Near-Field Communications (NFC). With 70 million coupons redeemed each Sunday (in the US alone), this marks a huge opportunity for brand marketers.

While digital coupons only represent 0.5 percent of overall distribution, they represent 10 percent of redemption according to ACP. Moreover, the Mobile Marketing Association is creating a new mobile coupon ad unit for 2013, which will streamline how customers digitally “clip” coupons.

Retail stores will be the first to adopt mobile coupons, with manufacturer coupons trailing. The future of mobile coupons provides marketers with complete, end-to-end control and insights by way of point-of-sale integration.

No.2. Use of location based mobile marketing will increase

Geo-targeting isn’t new to marketers, but few have mastered the art of geo-targeting to mobile devices. In 2013, AppMedia’s Mobile Relationship Management Suite will change how marketers target their customers. Using our platform, marketers can instantly push special offers when customers drive by their stores. Alternatively, they can use this technology to create and nurture meaningful relationships by encouraging in-store check-ins or friendly competition amongst friends using a points-based rewards system.

No.3. Push Notifications will rival email

Text and multimedia messages were vastly popular for marketers back in the day. And then BlackBerry revolutionized the landscape with push-based email. Now, Apple and Android dominate the market with Push Notifications, giving way to a new era of mobile marketing. Push Notifications are the future for marketers, enabling them to quickly engage their customers and target more easily in real-time. With response rates for Push Notifications three times that of email, they offer a much higher ROI than email or SMS.

Just a few things to look out for in 2013 and beyond.

Have a HaAPPy and prosperous 2013!

The AppMedia team!

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